Experience the darkness – Erlebe die Finsternis – At opleve mørket – Beleef de donkerte

In the Wadden Sea Region Dark Sky Initiative, which is coordinated by the Partnership Hub with support from the Programma towards the Rich Wadden Sea, team members from the dark sky teams at the Danish island Mandø, the German islands Pellworm and Spiekeroog and others participate. The aim of the initiative is to maintain, to improve and to explore one of the key features of the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site, the darkness. Preservation and conservation of values starts with awareness. Moreover, opportunities to experience those values lead to public support and, finally, to policies in order to secure good practices.

The aim of the Dark Sky Initiative is to

  • Create more darkness and awareness accordingly;
  • Create more opportunities (places and moments) to experience and enjoy darkness;
  • Develop policies to incorporate the value of darkness in societal living.

Please find on this project page the content of the webinar that has been held with the presentations.
You can also find some factsheets in Danish, German, Dutch and English that might help you set the first steps into the promotion of darkness.

Webinar Erlebe die Finsternis 23rd of april


Keynote speeches


Do you want more information or become a partner of the Dark Sky Wadden Sea Initiative?

Then you can contact Cristina Nazzari (nazzari@waddensea-secretariat.org) from the Partnership Hub or Sonja van der Graaf (sonja.vandergraaf@rvo.nl) from the Programme towards a rich Wadden Sea (PRW).