Long-term exploration of accessibility and mobility for the Wadden Islands

Issues relating to sustainable accessibility today will not necessarily remain relevant in the future. Given the morphological developments in the Wadden Sea, the commissioning parties, in close coordination with the islanders and organisations involved, wish to examine whether making the current transport system more sustainable will lead to sustainable and reliable access and mobility in both the short and long term. If so, then a transition may be required. PRW has been asked to contribute to the preparation/drafting of this kind of transition process in order to explore sustainable solutions to ensure reliable accessibility between now and 2050.

Role of the PRW:

Results to be delivered:

  • A draft design will be formulated in 2020 for the process of ensuring long-term accessibility (2050).

Commissioning parties:

  • Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management
  • Provinces in the Wadden Sea region: North Holland, Friesland and Groningen
  • Natural Wadden Coalition

Follow-up action by:

  • Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management