On expedition to the Wadden Coast

Tuesday 2 March 2021

For centuries, the Wadden Sea region has been a beautiful area of inestimable value. With soft edges, old cities, harbours and industry, good agricultural land and rich nature. But also with hard dams and dikes for water safety. The consequences of climate change threaten the area. It is getting warmer, it rains harder, it is dry for longer periods and salination in the coastal area is increasing. This threat will increase in the coming years. That is why measures are already being taken at various places along the Wadden coast. We make this visible with Expedition Wadden Coast.

The alliance

Expedition Wadden Coast is an alliance between Rijkswaterstaat, provinces of Groningen , and Fryslân, Investeringskader Waddengebied (IKW), waterschap Noorderzijlvest, Eems-Dollard 2050, Climate adaptation Groningen and Programme towards a Rich Wadden Sea (PRW). Together, we visualise climate adaptation along the Dutch Wadden Sea coast.

Climate adaptation in practice

The Expedition shows 7 locations where we are working on climate adaptation. At these locations along the Wadden coast, the issues are water safety, restoration of ecological connections, dynamic dyke zones, climate-proof agriculture, climate buffers and fresh water. Coastal identity, regional economy and preservation of the World Heritage values are also in the picture. In this way we show how we are already responding to climate change in the Northern Netherlands.

You can watch the short films on YouTube and discover how we are working on climate adaptation at the 7 locations:

Location  1: Wadden Sea: world heritage values

Location  2: The Afsluitdijk: water safety and ecological restoration

Location 3: Holwerd (aan Zee): Coastal identity and regional economy

Location 4: The Eems-Dollard: From dyke to dynamic dyke zone

Location 5: The Lauwerskust: Climate-proof farming

Location 6: The Onlanden: Natural climate buffers

Location 7: Texel: Fresh water innovation


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