Sediment Solutions 27th of November 2020

At Friday the 27th of November 2020 the trilateral webinar Sediment Solutions was held. It was organized by The Programme towards a rich Wadden Sea, Deltares, the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, Rijkswaterstaat and NLWKN. And with contributions of several people from Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The agenda of the webinar had a focus on the content of sediment solutions issues and on the inventory of the interest for a trilateral sediment solutions Community of Understanding. The process is financially supported by Interreg-EDR.

Please find on this webpages the presentations of the webinar and additional information. Please find a short ‘readme’ with additional information about the content of that subpage.

If you have questions or remarks on the downloads, please contact: Michiel Firet: or Wim Schoorlemmer:


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