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vrijdag 5 juni 2015

It is clear that fish populations have declined in the Wadden Sea since the 1980’s. The drivers are unclear, but increased water temperature, damage of coastal habitats (through sand nourishment, dredging and fisheries) and heightened predation by top predators probably play a role.

This is the main conclusion of reseach that is commissioned bij the Programme Towards a Rich Wadden Sea. You can download the most relevant information below:

1. Wadden Sea Fish Haven (research and policytools)
2. Fish Fact Sheets
3. Nederlandse Samenvatting (Dutch Summary)
4. Presentation Ingrid Tulp at Hamburg
5. Summary of Symposium Hamburg
6. Fisher man’s knowledge (Barbara Rodenburg; z.s.m. online )
7. Persbericht (Dutch Press Release)