Sediment Solutions 19th of March 2021

We can look back on an interesting CoU Sediment Solutions webinar at Friday 19th of March 2021.

First point of the agenda was the presentation of the report ‘Where mud matters‘ with a short explanation by Bas van Maren (Deltares) and the handing over of the report by Piet Hoekstra (Waddenacademy) to Bernd Scherer (chair of the Trilateral Scientific Agenda Committee).

The parallel sessions which followed were on:

  • The sediment dynamics of the German Wadden Sea (presentation by Gerald Herrling) and the German sediment strategy in the context of sea level rise (presentation by Jacobus Hofstede)
  • The mud management of Wadden Sea harbours, with a practical focus on the Port of Esbjerg Denmark (presentations by Jesper Jørgensen and Thijs van Kessel).

Please find on this webpages the presentations of the webinar and additional information. We closed the webinar with an enquiry on how to proceed with the ‘Community of Understanding’. The Mentimeter results, the results of the dialogue and the remarks of Piet Hoekstra and Bernd Scherer will be input for the next steps and the way the trilateral cooperation will develop.