Factsheets Sediment Solutions

In this folder you will find a combined version of the separate developed draft factsheets of trilateral Wadden Sea near-coast sediment solutions. And the factsheets as separate documents. The factsheets are work-in-progress, concerning the factsheets itself as also the overall scope of the topics and examples. The idea is the use the practical examples, documented with factsheets, as a starting point for sharing experiences and knowledge, and for further dialogue.  In this folder you will find a combined bundle of draft factsheets and the separate draft factsheets of ‘near-coast’ examples. Any reaction on the separate factsheets is welcome. See also the Readme. Also, please feel free to suggest other information valuable for the community in preparation.

If you have questions or remarks on the downloads, please contact: Michiel Firet: m.firet@staatsbosbeheer.nl or Wim Schoorlemmer: w.j.schoorlemmer@minlnv.nl.