Quick wins to improve accessibility and mobility for the Wadden Islands

The connections with the mainland are a vital lifeline to the Wadden Islands and reliable accessibility is crucial to the islands’ economy and liveability. In accordance with this perspective, the commissioning parties will devote substantial attention to ensuring a sustainable transport chain. This means taking the lead, being original and innovative, facilitating experimentation and making shared decisions regarding important long-term investments.

Every Wadden Island has its own unique context and faces its own unique challenges, so any strategy must be tailor-made. The islands differ in many ways, such as number of visitors and whether or not cars are welcome, among many others. The route to the various islands (waterways or otherwise) also differs, such as the distance and duration of the crossing and/or whether the ferry port is accessible by train. The importance of sustainable accessibility and mobility is not only endorsed by many parties in the region, but they often implement solutions on their own initiative. In 2017, on behalf of the commissioning parties, PRW conducted an exploratory study into the opportunities relating to sustainable accessibility. This resulted in the definition of a number of priority activities that can be implemented with PRW’s support in the coming programme period. Examples of these include acceleration of ongoing pilots into luggage transport, creating Wadden packages for tourists looking for sustainable travel and accommodation, formulating an action plan to increase the proportion of visitors travelling to the Wadden Islands by public transport and making collective agreements to encourage zero-emission cars or low-traffic islands for visitors. These activities must be initiated by the parties involved themselves, and PRW would subsequently be asked to make a contribution based on its various roles.

Role of the PRW:

Results to be delivered:

  • At least five priority activities will have been executed in 2021 (which activities are selected will be determined by the parties involved).

Commissioning parties:

  • Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management
  • Provinces in the Wadden Sea region: North Holland, Friesland and Groningen
  • Natural Wadden Coalition

Follow-up action by:

  • Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management