Development of trilateral agreements regarding swimways and life under water

In the trilateral field, too, little attention has so fair been paid from a policy and management standpoint to life under water. With regard to fish, the PRW has worked with the Common Wadden Sea Secretariat (CWSS) to ensure the adoption of a trilateral Swimway Vision and a start on a structured approach to research, monitoring, policy, management and stakeholder management. This has led to trilateral agreements (Leeuwarden Declaration, 2018) that must now be converted into an action programme.

The intention is that each of the countries involved takes responsibility for implementing parts of this program. For the underwater nature as a whole, trilateral agreements should also be made in analogy with the swimway. Thus, at the next trilateral Ministerial Conference in 2022, further decisions can be taken on trilateral policy and management of underwater nature in a broad sense.

Role PRW:

Results to be delivered:

  • Conversion of trilateral agreements into a (national) action program swimway, ready in 2022;
  • Setting up trilateral agreements on underwater nature, ready in 2022.

Commissioning parties:

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
  • Natural Wadden Coalition
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Follow-up action by:

  • Rijkswaterstaat