Acting sustainably: setting a good example

Government organisations and other administrative bodies in the Wadden Sea region must set an example to others and lead the way in boosting sustainability in the area (e.g. via plastic-free purchasing, electrification of vehicles and ships and organising sustainable maintenance and management). A number of these ideas have already been put into practice and should be continued and expanded. These parties can experiment with new sustainable technologies and share experiences with one another. We also expect that this will help promote sustainable activities in the private sector.

Role of the PRW:

Results to be delivered:

  • Annual inspiration meetings that help to connect people, organisations, knowledge and experience will be organised.
  • In 2020, at least two activities will have been developed by public parties.
  • In 2022, sustainable action will have been incorporated into the mindset of parties in the private sector who enthusiastically put this principle into practice.

Commissioning parties:

  • Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
  • Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management
  • Provinces in the Wadden Sea region: North Holland, Friesland and Groningen.
  • National Forest Service (SBB)

Follow-up action by:

  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management