Sediment Solutions 4th webinar

Thursday 17 March 2022

On Friday the 11th of March 2022 we held our 4th webinar of the trilateral Community of Understanding Sediment Solutions. In the webinar a broad set of themes were presented and discussed; integrated coastal management and ecosystem services of the Ems / Lower Saxony region, the future of the community, trilateral hydromorfologic modelling and the Sandk├╝ste St. Peter Ording project.

Presentations available

All presentations are now available on the website of the Community of Understanding, following this link. The dune dynamics animation video can be found here. The link to the video registration of the webinar is send to the participants of the community by email.

Moving forward with the CoU Wadden Sea Sediment Solutions

The follow-up of the community of understanding is an important topic. It is time to hand over the ownership of the community to it participants self. With a light trilateral support. The fact that Programme towards a Rich Wadden Sea ends in its actual form at the end of 2022 makes this transition urgent. We are looking for people who will and can be part of the proposed agenda committee. During the webinar interest was expressed by more than 10 people for the midterm. So we are especially looking for those who can step in now. With hopefully an evenness over the three countries. Based on our own experience, the number of activities and the availability of practical support, we estimate that this will take approximately 2 to 3 days per year. So please let us know before April 1 if you want and can help the community. As soon as possible afterwards we organize a new agenda committee meeting.

2022 is the third year of activities of the Community of Understanding Sediment Solutions, in a time when sediment and sediment management is becoming more and more relevant due to climate change, nature protection and other challenges. Looking back at interesting webinars and excursions, we have been working on possible activities for 2022 and the current ideas include a webinar, an excursion and perhaps a contribution to the Trilateral Governmental Conference in Wilhelmshaven in the form of a side event.

Available information

The information we have shared within the community so far can be found via this link:

The long read of the October 2021 excursion can be found via this link: