Ems and Dollard near Pogum

Sollard nature- and coastal safety management

The issues of the practical management of the Dollard (mudflats, saltmarshes, dike safety and shipping lanes) is closely related to the German and Dutch improvement programs. The site visit Pogum shows the challenges of this region.

Ems and Dollard near Pogum

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Oberdeichrichter Meint Hensmann from Rheider Deichacht tells us about tasks of the Deichacht, coastal safety issues and mud management.

The Rheider Deichacht protects around 30.00 hectare with a dike line 0f 48.8 kilometer. Money for new dyke construction comes from the state budget. Maintenance and repairs have to be paid for by the Deichacht itself. Everyone who owns a house or has a piece of land has to pay a contribution per year.

Meint Hensmann Rheider Deichacht  ©Mark Schuurman – AnderBeeld.nl

This site visit was a clear example of the complex relationship between coastal safety management, shipping accessibility measures and nature development and measures.

The Geiserdamm has been managed by the Rheiner Deichachs for around 50 years. The dam forms the border between Ems and Dollard and ensures that the mud from the Dollard does not get into the Ems so quickly. Now there are many channels and the Geiserdamm has disappeared in some places. A very large channel of about 25 meters wide and 4 to 5 meters deep flows from the Ems in Dollard. And that damages the Geiserdamm even further. This endangers water safety and therefore the Geiserdamm must be restored and the strong current must be stopped. And that restores the natural sedimentation capacity. In the coming years we will need 3.5 to 4 million m3 of clay for dyke reinforcement. To do this, sediment can be removed from the Ems and used to raise the land and avoid the danger of the dike.

Ems Dollard near Pogum ©Mark Schuurman – AnderBeeld.nl

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