Ems Sperrwerk

Ems mud management strategie

Ems Sperrwerk

coordinates Google Maos: 53.32488 , 7.30698

The Ems Barrage near Gandersum is one of the most modern barriers in Europe. It has been in operation since September 2002. The NLWKN (Der Niedersächsische Landesbetrieb für Wasserwirtschaft, Küsten- und Naturschutz) maintains and operates the Ems Barrage.

The 476 meter long structure fulfills two main tasks.

On one hand, it significantly improves storm surge protection on the Ems and in the Leda-Jümme area. The barrage clears storm surges that accumulate higher than 3.70 meters above sea level and thus guarantees a significantly higher safety standard than continuous adjustment along the 110-kilometer main dyke of the Lower Ems, which experience has shown would be necessary every 30 to 40 years.The barrage has long since proven itself as a coastal protection structure: From December 2005 to March 2017, the barrage was closed eleven times due to storm surge reasons.

On the other hand, the dam function of the barrage ensures the flexibility of the Ems shipping route between Papenburg and Emden and thus the preservation of the region’s economic strength. The maximum stowage destination of 2.70 meters above sea level allows ships with a draft of up to 8.5 meters to be transferred.

Near the Sperrwerk it is clearly visible how high the mudload of the Ems river is. The ‘Tidesteuerung’ is one of the improvement measures of the tidal Ems mud management.

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